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    Bringing Hospitals & Doctors Together

About Us

DocConnect is a platform developed essentially to bring skilled and certified Health Care Professionals such as specialist doctors and Hospitals to connect better.

Hospitals, once register in the network along with their consulting specialist doctors can utilize their currently practicing doctor services with click of a button. If their regular consulting doctor is not available, DocConnect will connect you with a specialist doctor from the network!

Doctors, once registered with DocConnect will have a wide range of hospitals to get associated in specified geographical area through the DocConnect Platform.

DocConnect brings more features like :

  • Automate the connection between the hospitals and consulting specialist ("preferred") doctors, who are currently practicing in your hospitals.
  • Provide backup of the doctor through pool of verified and qualified doctors.
  • Online tracking of case history.
  • Hospitals can search for specialist doctors based on city/location.
  • Freelance-Consultation association on case to case basis (Launched).
  • Find duty medical officers (Launched)
  • Full time job association (Will launch soon)

Our Services


  • Connecting "Preferred" Consulting Specialist Doctors

    How do hospitals currently get a consulting specialist doctors? Hospitals generally had to follow-up with their consulting specialists for various cases such as Elective, Urgent and Emergency services. While hospitals manage in getting a consulting specialist doctor to attend these cases, we understand that it is a laborious job and usually need a dedicated person to manage the process.

    Hospitals, which are registered with DocConnect can raise a service request for a specialist Doctor like Anaesthetist, Radiologist, and Cardiologist etc can get their own practicing “Preferred” specialist doctor for up to 90% of times. However, in case none of “Preferred” doctors accept the case, DocConnect will connect with a specialist Doctor with verified credentials (Qualifications) who are on the DocConnect platform will receive the service request raised by the Hospitals, and accept the case according to their availability, type of the case and professional fee being offered.

  • Find A DMO (MBBS Doctor)

    Is your Hospital need a Duty Medical Offer (DMO) for a short term basis? Now, post a short term (shift) and fill the temporary gap details on DocConnect platform. All the registered and verified Duty Medical Officers (DMO) will be notified and if anyone interested will accept the case and attend the shift.


  • Current Hospital Case Requests

    As a consulting specialist doctor, if you are currently engaged with multiple hospitals – DocConnect will connect you with your hospitals and help you continued to get your consulting case requests.

    How does it works?

    Assuming you are an Anaesthetist, who practices at multiple hospitals. Once you and your hospitals are connected with DocConnect, you will get case requests as a push notification on your phone. All you need to do is, review the case request and decide if you would like to “Accept” the case! Once you have attended the case, you can maintain case log details for future use.

    Also, if you have additional time available to attend more cases from “new” hospitals, you can accept those cases as well and utilize your time the best way possible.

  • Duty Medical Officer (DMO)

    Are you a MBBS graduate and trained or experienced as a Duty Medical Officer? DocConnect platform can help you find a suitable short term roles at local hospitals.

How it Works

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Our Team

Dr.Subramanyam Maddirala is a well-known Anesthesiologist with vast clinical experience in India, UK and USA. His visionary approach has led to the formation of India’s leading Corporate Anesthesiology group “Axon Anaesthesia” as a co-founder. He has also pioneered sub-specialty training in Pediatric and Obstetric Anaesthesia.

He is one of the founders and President of Governing Board of “Sparsh Hospice”, a free home for terminally ill cancer patients.

He has envisioned the need and pattern of DocConnect, and is on the Board Directors for DocConnect.

He has invested over 10 years in the Business and Management Consulting for a wide range of industries like, Healthcare, food and restaurants, manufacturing, education, Information Technology, FMCG, Mining, Logistic and supply chain, e-commerce, ad making agencies, software designers, even Doctors, Lawyers, Tax consultants and others. Deb focused on honing his skills and knowledge by mentoring under world’s top business and marketing experts since last 5 years or more.

Rudra has been in the programming industry for 10 years, and has developed many complex but user comfortable solutions. He is well versed in multiple technologies, and has deep insights on database. His areas of expertise extend to Web Technologies and Mobile Applications. His unique abilities are demonstrated usually in developing cross platform solutions.

Lax has over 20 years of experience in Business & IT industry in business development and client engagement streams. Lax has a broad range of experience covering sales management, consulting practice management, development center operations, strategy planning and execution spanning multiple industries such as Hi-Tech, MFG, Retail, Telecommunications, Financial Services, Media & Entertainment, and Emerging Markets.

Lax is a Member - Board of Directors in Hyderabad Angels Investors.He leverages strong cross-industry, cross-geo experience to drive innovative solutions to create growth.

Is a technical management professional with over 20 years of experience with strong business acumen. His expertise in financial management to optimize technology costs and deliver value to the P&L bottom line makes him an efficient entrepreneur for startups. His unique skills and expertise in organizational management, and his capacities as a mentor in nurturing young talents adds value to his role play as an advisor.

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